Sunday, June 26, 2005

Hi and welcome to the premier edition of Graven Images. The purpose to this blog is to display my photographs which is still under construction. My photographic interests are pretty diverse but I have developed a series of cemetery photographs from the U.S. and France, thus the name. But I will explain more on that once it is developed. So, for now, I will take this time to bore you with some details.

I'm a part-time student at
Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA. My major is Art-History. My day job is doing mainly occupational training for a health insurance company. I have two cats; Lester (the guy with the stripes on the right below) and Miss Adeline (the black girl on the left my sink).
I enjoy among the other items listed on my profile: sun, water, biking, tennis, and porch drinking, which is an entire entry unto itself.

As my profile says, I love music...just about any kind. I guess you could say, "I'm a little bit country, and I'm a little bit rock n' roll." And, if you understand that, well, you probably grew up on Donnie and Marie like I did.

Speaking of music, last night I saw
Mark Knopfler at the Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, PA. This is a great venue located within Fairmount Park. The show was really good. The man can certainly play guitar! He's one of those that has an extremely talented band an his guitar playing is completely effortless.

I love concerts and will pretty much go to any show. The history of shows I've seen in the last few months are: James Taylor, The Outlaws, Psychedelic Furs, Morrissey, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and kd Lang. Because of where I live in PA, I have easy access to Baltimore, Philadelphia, NYC and everywhere in between.

I guess that's a wrap for now. Check back as I get things updated, thanks for stopping by!

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Mrs. Terbush said...

Perfectly lovely, can't wait to see the photos on line.