Friday, June 29, 2007

Famous and From PA

A few weeks ago, a blogger buddy of mine sent me an email. It said, "I didn't know Bret Michaels from Poison was from Harrisburg." As if I would hold out on information like that!!! Bret technically isn't from Harrisburg, but if I said he was from Mechanicsburg, would you know where that was?!? So, I got to thinking, who else is from PA that is famous? So, a couple of friends and I got our three good brain cells together and came up with a list. So, don't say I never told you these famous folks were from PA:

Trent Reznor....Nine Inch Nails
(the band) Fuel
Christina Aguilara
Louisa May Alcott
Edgar Allen Poe
Daniel Boone
James Buchanan
Alexander Calder, modern sculptor
Rachel Carson (a person I think was way before her time regarding the environment!)
Mary Cassatt, Impressionist painter
Bill Cosby
Jimmy/Tommy Dorsey
W.C. Fields
Lee Iacocca, CEO Ford
Ed Kowalczyk (lead singer from the band Live)
Brett Michaels, Rikki Rocket (from Poison)
Dan Marino
Reggie Jackson
Jim Kelly
Margaret Mead
Arnold Palmer (who's wife taught Sunday school with my mom!)
B.F. Skinner
Gertrude Stein
Jimmy Stewart
Andrew Wyeth
Fred Rogers (as in "It's a beautful day in the neighborhood...")
Andy Warhol


Bone said...

That's quite a list.

Love Jimmy Stewart in Philadelphia Story.

InterstellarLass said...

Wow. That is an impressive list. I've always loved Mary Cassatt's paintings. So idyllic.

MarkD60 said...

I thought Edgar Allen Poe was from Baltimore!

Carnealian said...

We've got good genes up here in PA!!

Mark, he's buried in Baltimore but from Phila originally. I thought the same thing!