Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break 2008

For the following post, it will be necessary for audience participation. Every time you see the words Spring Break, please insert a WHOOOO! (with the obligatory rock hand sign, devil horns, whatever they're called.)

Last week was spring break for many colleges including Penn State. And like any good college students, we decided to get away to someplace warm since we didn't have any school work to worry about so we went to Acapulco, Mexico. The sun and sand was hot, the beer was cold!

Over the next couple of days, I'll cover the good, the bad and the ugly of the trip, including some pictures.

We flew out last week from Newark airport which is just across the river from New York City. It was tough to be able to see the city and not actually go for a visit. The flights both to and from Spring Break, (did you forget what you were supposed to be doing here????) were part of the bad category. See, we weren't the only Spring Breakers going to or coming from Acapulco. The others were of the 20-something variety however, complete with their iPods, iPod players, Louis Vuitton luggage, iPhones and Blackberries. I only have two out of this list and I've been making a living for longer than these kids have been alive.

During both flights, there was lots of seat exchanging, going to the bathroom, chatting, laughing, standing in the aisles eating and of course drinking then finally some sleeping. Most of this was completely annoying to the over 20-something passengers on the flights.

A major part of the good of this Spring Break trip was where we stayed, The Mayan Palace. I swear, their motto was "how may I kiss your behind today?" This place had three restaurants, not including the outdoor restaurants where you could order drinks and food from a thatched cabana on the beach. One of the restaurants served Crepas (Crepes) both savory and sweet all the time. The other restaurants had buffets of sea food, prim rib or breakfast.
The Palace also had the world's largest pool (and I'm not kidding), it went on forever. There was also a "Lazy River" pool where you could kick back on an innertube while the water slowly moved you along the way. Until you got to the giant bucket of water that dumped about one hundred gallons of water on the people below. I think I drank most of the water on one pass by this bucket while someone who shall remain nameless watched with glee. I'm thinking paybacks....


MarkD60 said...

Good to finally see some palm trees on your blog!

S2 said...


I just caught up w/your trip to ACA and that's where we're staying!!! The Mayan Palace!

How cool?!

BTW, yes, I'm a total stranger and I found you via a Google alert set for "Acapulco" -- I'm not a stalker.


No really.