Saturday, August 30, 2008

Near Fatality

Friday I did something I have only heard stories about. I was at work, the day was almost over and a friend called on my cell. I went to the ladies room to rinse out the cup I was using and while I had the phone cradled in my neck, it slipped.

The bathroom is not the typical "corporate" type bathroom with endless stalls. It is in fact, a single seater. Which is what makes the event on Friday the near fatality. When the phone slipped. It went right in the toilet. UGH! Thankfully the toilet was "clean." My reflex was to get it out of the toilet as soon as possible so it was only there for a second. That one second really put a hurting on my phone. It began doing really strange things.

I was beginning to think the phone was really done for. I was thinking of all the pictures I have on my phone that I won't have any longer as well as all the phone numbers I have in my phone book. Luckily Nittanybri was smart enough to take the phone apart (a day later) and get all the water out of it and let it air out. Seems to be working fine. I did wipe it down with anti-bac sanitizer. I'll have to remember NOT to put that phone in my mouth for any reason.


SnotSucker said...

Ughhh, I washed my wifes phone after she left it in the pocket of her jeans. Thankfully it dried out nicely and worked ever since. But ya, the toilet is much worse :)

Bone said...

I suggest boiling it in hot water. Then wrapping it in alumbinum foil, putting it in two freezer bags, and throwing it away. Maybe then it won't taint any of the other garbage.

You can always buy another phone. But you only have one germ-free existence.

NittanyBri said...

...all the better for making dirty phone calls.

Steve and Stepher said...


Superb save. A cat knocked a glass of wine onto our hard drive once and our friend was able to save it the same way.

I would have done the same thing you did. I figure I pick-up after enough animals a .5 second of extra exposure won't hurt anymore...