Monday, September 22, 2008

It's True Folks....

...we got to hang out with the coolest guy in Beantown! That's M (from Smoke and Mirrors), me and Nittanybri from our recent trip.

For those of you that have never been to Boston, you need to go. It is a pretty cool place. It's the big city without becoming overwhelming like NYC can be.

  • The "T", super simple and it takes you everywhere
  • Have a beer or two at Cheers, it's wicked fun! And not the one in Faneuil Hall, go to the one on Beacon St.
  • Definitely relax in Boston Common and enjoy all the doggies!
  • Have chowda at Union Oyster House, just get the bowl and be done with it.
  • See Mt. Auburn cemetery in Cambridge, it is just stunning. Maybe you can catch a glimpse of a coyote or two.
  • Challenge your brain at the MIT museum, it's not just ho-hum nerd-dorkery! Be sure to check out the exhibit from their artist in residence Arthur Ganson, absolutely fascinating. The exhibit is called Gestural Engineering. You'll find yourself mesmerized!
  • The Old North Church, it's a great place, everyone should see it.
  • And while you are in the North End for the love of God, don't forget to eat. If you did, your nose musn't be working. The odors that come out of these restaurants is sinful. On the list of things to eat is definitely cannoli's. You can grab one and run or sit and have a cappucino and take in the sites. Either way, delish!

There will be many pics to share in the near future. We had a super time!!!


SnotSucker said...

Yay, glad you had a great time! Was to Boston several years ago and loved it. Nice city! I'm jealous :)

michaelm said...

Oh, Carn, I had a great time too.
Loved you and Bri.
Our time together was just too damn short.
Will have to make plans for a tirp to PA very soon.
You, Bri and Snot?
Yeah, it's worth the trip.
Be well, guys!

michaelm said...


Lolly said...

Would love to see more pictures! I've never seen a more beautiful cemetery!

Spasmicallyperfect said...

Hello C.
Good list of what to do in Boston, having just been there myself I can definitely sign off on most (not all of them because I didn't do them all).

Although I had a bit of a seafood overload, right now I wouldn't mind a bowl of chowder. Yummy!

Glad you had a great time.

S2 said...

Now that sounds like one helluva fun trip! We could SO hang together b/c you named all of the stuff I'd want to do while there. Authentic clam chowder must be delish. I've come close to *tasty* in Florida, but something about actually eating it up north just makes it sound even better.

CUTE picture!

Steve and I will meet an online friend in a few weeks when we head to Louisville for a concert.

Boston is sooooo on our Bucket List. I've not been lucky enough to make it that far north just yet but I will one day. =)

Bone said...

I wanna go where everybody knows my name! *pout*