Sunday, March 18, 2012


For those two (or possibly three) of you that check back here periodically and usually find that I STILL haven't updated my blog are probably pleasantly surprised today. 

Much of the delay in writing this time around is because I'm working on writing my Master's Thesis.  This will undoubtedly be the longest thing I've ever written at about 50 pages or so.  I hope to even have more.  As of this time I've written 19 pages and have a lot of editing already so it may be cut down to 15. 

I was hoping to have this monster under wraps for a May graduation but I'm going to need more time and so it seems December 2012 is when I'll be walking across the stage to get my diploma.  Then I wonder, should I even bother walking the stage.  I mean I'll get to wear that really cool "hood" which I'll undoubtedly need for when I'm a professor at a college and have to attend other graduations. I just don't know. 

The pleasant weekend weather does not help the writing process either.  It's no fun being chained in front of the computer when the sun is out and the temps are up and there's yard work to be done.  Fortunately today didn't start off with sunshine so I'm writing....not my thesis but I'm writing!

I think the thing I find most frustrating about this writing process is the editing.  You know when the professor hands back a paper with arrows and question marks and squiggly lines all over it when you are 100% sure the paper you turned in was concise and required no changes.  I think I can officially scratch off being a professional writer from my list of things I want to do when I grow up and it's all editing's fault.

I think I'll shampoo the carpet. 


MarkD60 said...

As the official representative of your Millions Of Readers Alliance, I have to advise you that you should go out and enjoy the days, work on you thesis at night, and screw sleeping.
It will be cool when you are a professor at a college! Maybe you can get me a job as janitor!

Bone said...

Sounds like your paper looks a lot like my March Madness bracket :)

Do you have a laptop? I know sometimes when I want to write but it's nice outside, I'll go sit out on the patio and write. I always seem to write better out there, too.