Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Ocean Blue

I've been sitting here for a few hours working on my Master's Thesis.  It's hard to understand how difficult it used to be to tell the world about your passions, things that piss you off, things you want to see changed.  Consider women in the early twentieth century.  They barely had the right to vote but some of them were really able to make changes by using "social media" of the day:  art and literature.

We have it so easy now.  We just go to our computer or pick up our "smart phone" and start writing.  That quickly it's published to the world.  I was reading one such publication earlier about the World's Ocean Day.  My comment to that article was about a recent visit to an art festival in my town that is held every year over Memorial Day weekend near the Susquehanna River.  This festival brings a lot of people to town, quite a few from way out of town actually.  It's centered around the river.  The festival generates a lot of trash since there are food vendors, etc.  People who don't think about recycling just pitch the trash in whatever receptacle is nearby.  That is, if it makes it there.  I noticed many people just leaving their trash were they consumed what was in it.  How lazy is that?  In addition to that, a storm came in with a lot of wind. While waiting out the storm, I couldn't stop thinking about where all that trash was going to end the river and ultimately in the ocean.

Do you know about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch?  I find it interesting nature's attempt at keeping the garbage in certain areas and even away from people for the most part.  Nature can only do so much.  The thought of all this crap floating around the ocean just disgusts me.  People are selfish and lazy and when I talk to people about recycling and doing things differently they say "who cares?"  "Me doing this one little thing isn't going to make a difference."  If everyone says that, no it won't.  If we all say "I can make a difference by changing this one little thing" it will make a HUGE difference.  Please do your part. 


Bone said...

It burns me up to see that people have left cans and bottles on the beach. Especially as they have receptacles set up like every 50 yards.

And cigarette butts! I get sick of seeing them flying out of people's windows. Apparently, cars don't come with ashtrays anymore.

MarkD60 said...

You're working on your Masters Thesis. You'll probably do it faster than I can figure out how to change two lines in my resume....

Yes, I did know about the "Garbage Patch" It's in a remote area of the Pacific where there is usually no wind. Sailboats avoid it because they get stuck there. I read about it in a Web Chilies book where he tried to sail solo around the world in a tiny boat and got stuck there.