Friday, September 07, 2007

A Glimmer of Hope

Good, old fashioned customer service is alive and well. Most of our experiences purchasing anything nowadays may result in a thank you, if you're lucky, but then there are the times when you just stand back and say "wow!"

Because I had a dead battery but was able to get my car juiced up enough to get it back to my house, I had a small dilemma. I was working until 6, the battery store closed at 6. So, I was going to just purchase a new battery over the phone, have my friend go pick it up and I'd intall it on my own time.

In telling the battery store employee this, he asked where I lived, said it was near where he lived, he'd stop by on his way home. I said I'd meet him there. Sure enough, there he was when I got home last night. He unhooked the old battery, put in a new one and that was it! No money exchanged hands, nuthin. I said I'd be in first thing in the a.m. to pay for the new battery which he was good with.

There I was at 8:10 this morning, he tested the old battery, and sure enough, it was dead. Charged me for my new one and off I went. WOW! Now that's what I call good customer service!


InterstellarLass said...

Wow. That is pretty cool. You don't get that kind of service except maybe in small towns. Very nice for you that there are still kind souls in this world!

Bone said...

Oh wow. That is rare. Those one out of fifty good experiences almost make up for all the crappy ones.