Monday, April 21, 2008

Terrific/Terrible Tuesday

This Tuesday, my fellow Pennsylvanians and I will have some very important choices to make:


S2 said...

Oh good luck w/that whole voting thing. I'm sure it will be ALL over the news tonight.

If HC doesn't win, I guess she'll drop-out, eh?

Politics -- hmph.

MarkD60 said...

I vote for the guy standing behind the guy in the white shirt and tie.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Not much of a choice there, is it? I'm with Mark. I'd take a guy in a cape over any of those looneys.

S2 said...

Pics from Acapulco are up when you have a moment. They are on my page near the bottom.

Hope you are well!

Bone said...

Ugh. That's all very depressing.

michaelm said...

I hate all of them.
Who the hell should I vote for?
I know. Snotsucker!!!!!

Debra said...

All of you should read up on Ron wouldn't be so quick to judge :o)