Friday, April 04, 2008

Thanks Oprah!

Today's Oprah show is an inside view of puppy mills. Living about 45 mins outside Lancaster County, a big farming community, one learns about puppy mills pretty quickly. They are quite abundant there.

Puppy mills are apparently a way to make a good, quick profit by over-breeding dogs. I'm sure most are aware of the Appalachian Mountain inbreeding jokes, well, it works the same for animals. These dogs are kept in cages, are constantly pregnant and the puppies are often deformed or have bad characteristic traits and health problems because of the over-breeding.

Needless to say, one should never purchase an animal from a puppy mill, and I believe through awareness people are becoming wise to these mills and legislation is in the works to have them abolished.

In support, I'm asking each of you to email Oprah to thank her for producing a show like this to bring further awareness on this issue. Even if you didn't watch the show (I couldn't bring myself to watch), a thank-you in support will still help.

Here's a link to the Oprah web site:


InterstellarLass said...

Of all the dogs we've had, 2 were purchased from reputable breeders, and 1 bought from a good pet store. They were all pretty healthy. My other dogs have been adopted from the SPCA or local animal shelter and are just as sweet and loving as any 'pure' bred dog. I don't understand how people can spend hundreds of dollars for a pet when there are thousands of animals waiting for adoption in shelters. I don't watch Oprah that often, but glad to see she's highlighting issues like these.

Jay said...

Sad, sad stuff.
I want to go hug my puppies now.