Saturday, July 05, 2008

Guilt of the Dognapper

For those of you that have been following along, you remember that there was a new "man" in my life named Abner. And you all remember my "secret" plot to steal him away from his owner.

Thursday night we were at home doing some cleaning anticipating guests on Friday when Brian hands me my cell and says your phone was ringing. I look at the number, don't recognize it but there is a message. It was my friend Mike (Abner's daddy). He tells me that he's at the hospital because he was out walking the little guy and stepped into a hole and twisted or possibly broke his ankle could I come pick him up.
As we're driving to get a prescription for Mike, I said "I know this sounds like a weak ploy to steal your dog, but if you'd like we'll take him till you can get around better." (Pretty crafty thinking huh?!?)
We packed Abner up and brought him to our house where he met Jasmine and Adeline for the first time. He really wanted to be their friend but they weren't having any parts of it. Abner has discovered the basket of toys and Jasmine has been sharing her toys with him.

Abner has been a lot of fun to have around. He was a big hit at Jasmine's birthday party yesterday too. Here are some pics from Abners visit and from the party yesterday. Speedy recovery to Abner's dad too!

This is the "wild man" look we'd get from time to time. This was the face that Jasmine saw most often as she usually tried to stay on the couch out of Abner's reach.

This is Adeline. She's not a small cat and somehow crammed herself into the bottom of the kitty condo to avoid the wrath of Abner. And no, I don't put my shoes away all the time!

Aunt Daisy all decked out for Jasmine's birthday.

The birthday girl had a little trouble with her hat.

So did Abner.


SnotSucker said...

Ahhh, so my wife's not the only crazy one. We had a B-day party for our dog too hmmmmmm!

Steve & Stepher said...

If this isn't the cutest post EVER I don't know what is.

Those pictures are priceless.

We watched our friend's dog (and Dario's girlfriend) Lexus over the weekend and they play and play and play while the cats look judgingly from high atop furniture.

Good luck to Mike - foot injuries are brutal.

Bone said...

I'm not gonna ask if you dug the hole.

Anonymous said...

LOL! That's too cute. And I'm sure you didn't do anything untoward to gain your current position. Right?

MarkD60 said...

You could put some dog food in Abners hat and feed him like a horse!

Steve and Stepher said...

How are you guys doing? How are the animals?

I took Nikolai back to the vet today and she's doing v. well on insulin and her special diet of uber expensive prescription food. ;-)

I'm joking. I'd pay anything in the world for her...