Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Project

Since the Art of the State exhibit is securly installed and all the fun and festivities are over with for that exhibit for now, I've moved on to another volunteer opportunity at the museum. This time I get to work with kids and get to teach them about color.

The Idea Zone is a room that allows kids and parents to come in and learn about the science of color, how color makes you feel, why artists use color AND best of all, each person gets to participate in a community art project.

Each day the Idea Zone is open, there are supplies available for each kid to make a tile which will be placed on the wall as part of the giant rainbow. Each day is a new color that is represented in the rainbow. Each kid can make their tile however they want. After the tiles have time to dry, they are placed on the wall with others.

The tile making seems to be the most fun about the Idea Zone for the kids. The most popular thing about putting together these tiles is.....glitter glue. If you haven't had the chance to use glitter glue, run to the store right now and get yourself some in every color. It's fabulous!!


Steve and Stepher said...

That really sounds like a fun project. Color. Tile. GLITTER GLUE! I have this sudden urge to drive over to Michael's and buy glitter glue in every color possible. Ohhhhhhhh, maybe they have a set of multiple colors?!

I'll let you know.

Bone said...

What about finger painting? That's the only art I remember doing as a kid. Do they still fingerpaint?

You know gray is my favorite color. I felt so symbolic yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I think I have some glitter glue. It's fun for me to use it, but my kids...I want to hide it. Glitter everywhere!

Anonymous said...

I think you're a kindergarten teacher in disguise :P

SnotSucker said...

Glitter glue makes the best "boogers". They are so colorful!!