Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas City, U.S.A.

We live about an hour outside what is known as Christmas City. Geographically, the city is known as Bethlehem, PA. NittanyBri and I visited there over the weekend.

Bethlehem is home to Moravian College and Central Moravian Church and the lovely Hotel Bethlehem and our new favorite Bethlehem Brew Works. The Brew Works definitely had some tasty and unusual beers. Our favorites would have to be the seasonal Rude Elf....10% alcohol, what's not to love? The Framboise (a personal favorite) and Steegarden Wit, slightly sweet and very tasty!

The Central Moravian Church puts on a tradition called a Putz, technically not a Moravian thing but more a European thing for the holidays. Families from the church go out and gather moss and put together various scenes of the beginning of the church as well as the nativity. This was something that I had heard about all my life but something I had never seen before.

Today however, was spent relaxing at The Spa at Hotel Hershey. Coffee scrubs, facials, massages. I think I might be moving in!

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Bone said...

Twenty proof? Come on, you're a lightweight :)