Saturday, January 02, 2010

Grand Cayman, B.W.I.

The last picture I posted was just something I grabbed off the Internet. I knew it was somewhere off the coast of Grand Cayman island but I had no idea I'd actually get to the place in the photo.

My family, Brian and I set off on this journey to Grand Cayman Island on a very cold and dark Christmas morning. In just 4 short hours we were there in the warm sunshine. I also knew I was going to meet a fellow blogger that I had been chatting with for some four years or so, MarkD60.

Mark and his lovely wife were most gracious in making sure we saw some really great things and were invited into their home and circle of friends.

It have gotten quite lazy about blogging since the discovery of Facebook but have promised that I would update this site and continue to meet some really great people around the world that I'd otherwise would have never met.

Thanks Mark for making sure we had a lovely time on the island!

This is most of our crew in the waters (from the previous post) which happens to be Sandbar near Sting Ray City. It was so much fun to swim with these creatures. Yes, it's a bit startling to have them bump into you, but they're just trying to grab some food. They are quite gentle and no, there were no Steve Irwin incidents.


MarkD60 said...

It was great having you here, great meeting you, and can't wait till you make it back!!!

Bone said...

Well, I'm glad something caused you to post :)

Next time you go anywhere tropical, I want an invite!