Thursday, January 07, 2010

Yes There Are Dumb Questions

I always find it amusing the kind of reaction I get from others when I tell people where I go on vacation. I don't think I've ever been anywhere truly exotic like Africa or Mumbai or Borneo. Since I've been back I've told many stories about our recent trip to the Caymans. Today was no different as I got some of the following comments:

"Are the people friendly?" Um, yes, they aren't spear-carrying tribal people that have never seen a "white man."
"Oh, the Caymans...where are they exactly?" Aren't you embarrassed to even ask that question?
"So, what are the Caymans known for?" Couldn't you quietly go off and Google that instead of asking that question?
"Do you have family there?" No, I do not go on vacation to visit family. That is not usually considered a vacation.

One question I didn't get after returning from this vacation that I have gotten on other vacations was "Why would go there?" Really? Why would you even ask that question? Isn't a better question why wouldn't you go (insert location here?)

Please take a look at the Flickr box in the upper corner of my page for some of the pics of the beautiful Caymans...and maybe you should keep your silly questions to yourself.


MarkD60 said...

I never heard of Cayman before I came here!
But I didn't broadcast it, I looked it up.

Findley Labrador said...

All beautiful...and to wake up and walk on that sand..nirvana...
you are quite the travelin' girl...and not a bad choice yet!

Carnealian said...

Thanks Ms. Labrador! So glad to have you back!