Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Real Life

The northeast is getting pummeled again with snow.  I was at work briefly this morning but they shut down and I was able to make it home to the comfy couch.  I was lucky to have missed the storm we had last weekend that dumped about a foot of snow on the ground as I was in Key West celebrating "someone's" 40th birthday.  We visited the usual sights on the island and had plenty of beverages to celebrate.  The weather was warm and sunny and while my friends at home got pounded with the first round of snow, I was planted firmly on the beach with Jimmy Buffett singing in my ear.  It was an absolute perfect day.

Getting home and back to the reality of snow and every day life, I learned that a close friend has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  At last check in November the cancer was gone.  Two months later it has progress so far that it has infiltrated the bones.  I pray I can be of some comfort and support to my friend.  I cannot imagine life without this person.  I pray that if my friend does have to leave this earth it can be painlessly and peacefully though I'd rather just keep my friend here with me, but that seems unlikely. 


MarkD60 said...

The reality of daily life was when you were at the beach.

Bone said...

Geez, I sure wish I knew what the "usual sights on the island" were :)

Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you get to spend some time with them.