Sunday, March 07, 2010

Dress Rehearsal

I think I think alot about death and dying. Perhaps too much. It is a subject that fascinates me and perhaps it has something to do with living in the cold north and coming out of the long, cold nights that makes me think about dying more often around this time of the year. I find that a lot of people die in the winter. It's like they lose hope. I'm thankful that I do not live in even further northern countries that have ten plus hours or more of darkness a day during the winter. 

My friend that I mentioned in my previous post has been away this week in Paris.  A very bittersweet trip to Paris.  I guess it's kind of a last hurrah and he knows that.  For me, this week has been sort of a dress rehearsal for things to come.  I have had no contact from him, no texting, no calls, no pictures posted on Facebook.  In a few days though, I will hear from him and there will be frenzied texting, much chattering on the phone and hopefully lots of pictures.  Sadly the day will come when it won't be a dress rehearsal and the phone and Facebook will remain silent.  But for today, I will enjoy the sunshine and the fact that he is still with us.

This weekend has been a tease for us at least in south central PA. The sun has been out all weekend, the temps are in the upper 50's. It's a hopeful sign. I haven't looked but I'm sure some of the early spring flowers are beginning to poke through. I can tell the days are getting longer. The snow has almost completely melted.  Days like these give me hope that the darkest days are behind us and good things are coming.  I am hopeful.

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MarkD60 said...

Happy Springtime!