Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Get Out of Jail Free Card

The great debate in my mind today is how easy it is for the general public to forgive and forget the crimes people commit when they are famous, particularly sports stars. 

I've recently noticed some friends jumping on the bandwagon cheering on Michael Vick because he plays for their favorite team and he was voted "Come Back Player of the Year."   Um, so?? 

Some others argue that he's paid his debt to society by doing his time in jail.  To which I say, he intentionally and his own profit, tortured, killed and maimed animals.  What on earth could jail have done for him?  What did he do to repay society while he was in jail?  Community service?  Perhaps.  Donate money to some organization?  Who cares?  He's got banks full of money now he's out making more of it.

How despicable does a person have to be to not be tolerated in society any longer?  Should Charles Manson have gone out for a sport?  I mean, doesn't he deserve a break?  Hasn't he repaid his debt to society too? 


Laurie said...

Great blog! Now off to Flickr to enjoy your work!
The Graveyard Detective

MarkD60 said...

Hi Carnealian!
I agree, someone needs to feed him to the dogs