Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Paper Delay

I have to have some of the worst writing habits.  There's a few of you out there that remind me often to update my blog....and I don't.  I have every good intention to do it, but I don't.  Now, here I sit, in the dark of my upstairs writing here, when I should be working on a paper for class.

When I do buckle down and start writing for class work, I write for a few minutes and then I stop to play a game on line or check Facebook.  I tell myself it helps me think, and maybe it does, but it takes me forever to finish writing a paper!

What will I do in a couple of months when I start writing my thesis for my Master's Degree?  A 30 page paper?  Yikes, I'm scared to think how long that may take!

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MarkD60 said...

I usually update mine, first thing when I have coffee. Before the wife wakes up..
Another secret is if you find something to post, you can schedule it for the next morning, when you're drinking your coffee. Then you can edit it and read other blogs.
I like the background image!