Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Piloting a Plane While Drunk in PA is Legal

Does that statement contain even one iota of common sense?? This post is a continuation from the previous one that further proves in PA, we're quite conservative and not very smart...with the exception of Dorman and Findley Labrador and Dr. Parks and o.k., there are a few exceptions.

Yes, it is true, according to a
local news station it is currently still legal to pilot a plane in PA while drunk, but not for long. Our fearless leader Ed Rendell has now signed into law that it will be ILLEGAL to pilot a plane if your blood alcohol content is .02 or greater. Now, if your caught as the article explains, (and if the authorities are able to wrangle you to the ground without subjecting hundreds of people to a fiery crash), you may get a fine up to...hold on to your hats....$5000 AND, if that's not enough, three whole days in jail. That'll learn ya. Scary thing is, if you look into your state's law on this, it's probably still legal to fly drunk. PA is only one of three states to pass such a law.

So, it appears we still have a 90 day window in which to fly around the skies of PA in a drunken state, which is why I am providing for you here a recipe for FABULOUS margaritas! Now, if you're a purist as far as margarita's go, do not, I repeat do not read any further. You will be horrified.

This recipe comes from The Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love. It's a chick book, and it's hilarious! Girls, very important information is contained in this book. A few chapters within the book are; The true magic words guaranteed to get any man to do your bidding; The best advice ever given in the entire history of the world; Boyfriends and Fiances: Getting over them and getting over them; Men who may need killing, quite frankly, and finally, What to eat when tragedy strikes or just for entertainment.

The "What to eat section" has some great recipes...two are margarita recipes. The name of the first margarita is "Fat Mama's Knock You Naked" margaritas. And, those of you that are feeling the need to tell "naked" stories, keep them to yourself (unless they are about someone other than me). These require special "Fat Mama" margarita mix....who has that lying around the house?!? Our time-tested favorite however, is New Allison's Mambo Margaritas. These should come with a Surgeon Generals warning on consider yourself warned!

One big can of frozen limeade (12 oz.)
One bottle of Corona beer (we've used other beer, it's just as good)
12 oz. of 7-Up (NEVER Sprite!)
12 oz. of really good tequila (we've used not so good, it's just as good)

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PUT THIS IN THE BLENDER! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SHAKE THIS EITHER! Although, this may seem obvious to some of you outside the state of Pennsylvania, it is not so obvious to others. Just give it a stir. Please let me know if you try these (and live to tell).


Findley Labrador said...

Perhaps it is best not to ever tell Naked Stories! We will raise some eyebrows, if not something else!
I recommend never drinking New Allsion's Margaritas alone or on a work night...strange things happen. But everyone should experience that splitting 3AM headache at least once.

InterstellarLass said...

mmm...these sound devlishly dangerous! But, as I am a tequila snob, I will splurge on the 'good' stuff. Bad tequila is probably what was responsible for findley's splitting headached at 3AM.

Carnealian said...

What is your favorite brand IL? And, ding, subject change, have you heard from Dorman? He's been absent for some time.

InterstellarLass said...

Patron and Tres Generaciones are really nice. Silver tequila is much smoother than gold. Goes down quite nicely. ;) There's a restaurant in Austin & Dallas called the Iron Cactus. They have a menu of 82 premium tequilas. I'd love to try one of each...not on the same day of course...and note, not all tequila is made to be 'shot'. There is such a thing as 'sipping tequila'. :)

No, I haven't heard from Dorman. I chatted with him a bit on Sunday, and he posted on Monday. I figure he's out on a mission.

Carnealian said...

Eww, I cannot even imagine sipping tequila. If I dare to make these again, I will have to look for either of those two to try. I don't like the usual margaritas...sour mix doesn't like me. Indigestion!

Tequila bars must be south of the border only (that's the mason dixon line for me!) Have never seen one of them!

InterstellarLass said...

Ah, yes, but sipping tequila is very, very good. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it...I'll pick you up at the airport (man, we're really racking up the frequent flyer miles)! Ever made your own S&S? 1 cup each fresh lime juice, lemon juice, water, sugar, mix and refrigerate. Aaahhh...good stuff.

Carnealian said...

I'm packing my bags now! S&S?? lemon/limeade? Where's the liquor? :P

InterstellarLass said...

Ah, you add whatever liquor you want to the S&S! Whiskey sours...mmmm.

Carnealian said...

I love whiskey sours and amaretto's that darned sour mix. I'd need to have a side of Tums on hand!!

InterstellarLass said...

Amaretto and coffee! Mmmm...Don't get me started on 'after dinner coffees'. Oh, and Frangelico. Pure heaven across my lips. Ahhh.

Carnealian said...

Yep it's all good! The creamier, fluffier all the more tasty! I have a long term love affair with things that are bad for me. And why I'm perpetually on a diet. Or at least pretending to be!

InterstellarLass said...

I just have a love affair with alcohol and chocolate. Yeah, that's it...

Hootin' said...

Hey Hunny! I was just searching for other fans of the SPQ's out there and came across your post.

If you've never been, you just HAVE to visit the MBOL (messageboard of love) on the SPQ's website. They have a whole separate EATIN' Board full of recipe's just like those in the book and they are soooooo yummy!

More funny women there than you can shake a stick at! AND HRH Jill Herveryownself stops by to say Hidee from time to time too!

Just tryin' to spread the love! :)

PS: If ya wanna see some links to blogs by other girls who visit the MBOL, you can find them at the bottom of myveryown blog, along w/ a link to the MBOL.

Tell 'em Hootin' sent ya! :)