Sunday, July 24, 2005

What's Not To Love?

I was rinsing off chicken at the kitchen sink this afternoon, and no I don't eat chicken, it's for the cats. And yes, they're spoiled so what? While I had my hands in the water I thought how nice it is that even the cold water isn't really that cold in the summer and I love that! So, I thought about all the other things I love about summer.

Hanging the laundry out to dry
The morning comes early and the evening comes late
Bars/restaurants with outdoor seating
Having the ceiling fans on and the windows open
Going to the beach
Riding bikes
Planting flowers
Porch drinking
Driving with the music blaring and all the windows open
Hot air
Plenty o'sunshine
Surprise thunderstorms (which ironically begin the moment it is time for me to leave work for the day, and always on the days when I don't have my umbrella and I have my car windows open a crack just to ensure I have a wet behind for the drive home)
The sounds of birds first thing in the morning
Friends who come to porch drink
Flip flops
Bees on my flowers
Amusement Parks
Outdoor concerts
Not having to run to your car because it's freezing out
Not having to let your car warm up because it's freezing out
Freshly mown grass
Being barefoot
The sounds of locusts
The smell of a grill
Taking cool showers
Getting rid of the pasty white skin from winter (and the dry skin too)
The distant sound of the ice cream truck
Funky colored adirondack chairs
And when you're really hot...a nice, cold BEER!



InterstellarLass said...

Those all sound like fun things to do. We can do some of those things here in Texas...just nothing that involves the outdoors and the boiling temperatures. :)

Carnealian said...

I guess you don't identify with the really cold temps either. You guys have some crazy weather down there.

Fin Lab said...

I'd say I love when the furnace can be turned off and I can open the door so the dogs can run in and out at will. Can read and drink on the deck after work, look across the tree tops and see the mountain. Lass, even in Texas, I'd be the idiot riding around with the windows down, sitting out with a book and a beer. I don't like the heat, I just need to be outside!

Gene said...

In NC this sounds like 3 out of the 4 seasons we have.

Carnealian said...

Thanks Gene, can we have your address? There will be just a few of us moving in!

InterstellarLass said...

Hope you have room for lots of party girls. :)

Scott said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Scott said...

when you're really hot, a nice cold beer, I really like that one!

Scott said...

BTW, can I add your blog to my list of "blogs I read"?

Crystal said...

i like the texas heat myself. i was just in atlanta, where they were experiencing the hottest weekend of the year, the temp was like 92 degrees, and i was loving it. everyone else looked like they were gonna pass out.

the best thing on that list was the ice cream truck, except, i want it parked in front of my house :)

Carnealian said...

You do have a serious love affair with ice cream! Are you one for gunk in your ice cream...nuts, fruit marshmellows?

Carnealian said...

Ashman, summer is just about the only time I drink beer, because it's just so darned good when it's hot!!

Scott said...

I hear you on that one!