Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hey Man Nice Shot

I was flipping around the channels last night and caught an episode of one of my favorite shows that's no longer on. At least I don't think it is anymore....Tales from the Crypt.

I, of course, fell asleep before it was finished so I didn't get to see the ending. But the opening scene was a car chase with the song Hey Man Nice Shot by Filter to set the mood for the scene.

This particular song has a story.

January 22, 1987....I was working at a department store and it was snowing to beat the band. I really wanted to go home because I was afraid I'd get stuck at work forever. I worked in a department that was close to the young men's clothing area that played a stereo all the time. I could hear that there wasn't much music being played and thought maybe they were talking about the snowfall, dismissing schools, etc.

Apparently, they were not. State treasurer Budd Dwyer was being accused of taking bribes. His lawyer was in trouble as well. Another weird connection there, is that Budd's lawyers daughter went to high school with me. But anyway, Budd calls this press conference to supposedly give the press an update on the situation. Many believed he was going to submit his resignation as state treasurer.

So Budd starts the press conference off with his thanks to the Lord for his years, and he thanked the people that supported and believed in him. At this point, he hands three of his staff members envelopes and holds on to one himself. He reaches in to the envelope and pulls out a .357 magnum and announces to the crowd that should anyone find this (blowing his head off ) offensive, then they should leave the room. Now, keep in mind, all of this is being televised live. The crowd pleads with him, as he puts the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. Yep, all of it caught on film. All of it seen by thousands of people home from work because of the snow, retirees, children, people home sick from work, etc.

The Wikipedia link I've provided above is pretty interesting. This event changed how the AP handles photojournalism, it provided teaching materials for television editors, and also became fodder for The Faces of Death videos. It also made probably one of the only hits for the band Filter as well. The song Hey Man Nice Shot was about this event.

And for those with the morbid sense of can see the video here.


Dorman said...

I remember that. He was innocent too, another good man victimized by the relentless, ruthless political machine in america. I always felt bad that he shot straight up thru the roof of his mouth instead of back and thru the brain stem. Poor bastard lived for a few minutes while his cranial material exited profusely through his nose and mouth. Watch the video.

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

lady is there anybody you didn't go to school with? I've never seen somebody so well-connected.

Coyote Mike said...

I cannot watch videos like that. Don't know why, but knowing that it is real death that I am seeing makes it impossible for me to watch.

InterstellarLass said...

Oh wow. I had no idea that had ever happened. How gruesome! I'm just too curious not to watch. Damn my curiosity sometimes.

JLee said...

I didn't know that was what that song was about! I meant to tell you, I didn't see your comment on my blog the other day, because I posted at the same time..I apologize! thanks for your comment ;)

SnotSucker said...

I love good head shots!

Bone said...

I'm scarred for life.

Barry S. said...

Wow! I guess every picture (or song) tells a story!!

Is Filter from Pennsylvania?

Barry S. said...

I'll pass on the video as well!

I watched Faces of Death as a morbid it is just creepy to see stuff like that.