Friday, June 09, 2006

The Graduate

Tonight is my nephew's graduation from high school. He has already started his first job as a lifeguard at a pool in a local apartment complex. And he has chosen to go to Norwich University in Vermont as part of their Corps of Cadets. He then plans on joining the Navy. Someone please pass the tissues.


michaelm said...

Here, take some tissues.
I wish him the best.
Looks like you're eating Sour Patch Kids in the last pic! ;)


InterstellarLass said...

What an awesome set of photos! Congrats to your nephew! Sniff, sniff. Will you share a tissue? Well, not share one. That'd be gross. All growed up he is!

Bone said...

I can hardly wait until I become an uncle! Since it looks like I'm not gonna be a dad anytime soon. Barring some unforeseen mishap :)

Jim said...

Norwich, very, very impressive!!!!

Coyote Mike said...

So, he gets to spend his summer watching teenage temptresses in bikinis rubbing each other in suntan lotion.

Umm, could you excuse me for a moment?