Friday, June 02, 2006

A Soldier Sandwich

Happy Friday everyone!

I'm gearing up for another fun-filled weekend. As some of you may know, Dean is home for a while and will be making an appearance to the 'burg over the weekend. So, there will be some partying but hopefully nothing that will result in Fred Flinstone feet, well at least not for me. Some of you may remember my "Misery" blog from back in January. Can I just mention, my ankles still ache??

We'll be out and about with our cameras with a couple of pretty cool ideas in mind. Hopefully they work out. See, we've recruited an unassuming model for the weekend. I'm sure you'll see the pics on all our blogs.

Lass, you're the only one that will appreciate my, two soldiers for the weekend....any questions? I'll put away the newly purchased Superman sheets for now!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Coyote Mike said...

Time for innuendos!!

Will you be inspecting their weapons?

When you enter the room, do they "salute"?

Do you have to call out a cadence for them to move to?

Do they "dress right?"

How long does it take them to "Come to attention?"

hehehe, have a good weekend showing your support (or support garments) to the soldiers.

InterstellarLass said...

Oy! Mike beat me to all the punchlines.

DAMN GIRL! How lucky can you get!

A soldier sandwich...YUM!

Jim said...

reminded me of the most famous of all military double entendres: Nothing's too good for our boys in the service.

have a great time!!!!

michaelm said...

Don't you mean a Carnealian sandwich?
You wild thang...
Have a great weekend.
Great innuendos, CoyoteM.


Dorman said...


Bone said...

Where are you?

You got injured again, didn't you? ;-)

NittanyBri said...

Mmmmm... Carnealian sandwich

Coyote Mike said...

were they "commando"?