Friday, September 15, 2006

A Divine Purpose

I believe in Divine intervention, karma, what ever you want to call it. I think there is most often a higher power showing and teaching me things in the events in my life.

Yesterday I was not only shown something, I was the teacher in a Divine episode. I was at the vet with Lester. He was getting his weekly supply of fluids in the hopes of keeping him comfortable as he goes through this kidney disease. He has lost more weight, but still wants to eat, go outside, etc. So, in my unprofessional opinion, he is not feeling all that badly.

So, I got to talking to a woman that had an enormous cat. He was probably only about 15 pounds or so, but he was tall and long. He looked like that cat that would just kick every other cats ass in the neighborhood given the chance. He slinked around the waiting room checking out every nook and cranny. He rubbed against my leg and smelled me and let me pet him.

I got to talking to her about the issues Lester is facing and what I'm doing about them. She became very emotional as I was telling her these things. I am surprised at myself for not breaking down and bawling my head off knowing that Lester is never going to get any better, only worse.

She finally said that she believed that I was put there at that exact time so we would have that chance to talk because she's facing some of the same issues with her cat and she was scared and wasn't sure what to do about the situation. I was glad that I was able to maybe calm some of her fears. I was glad to be part of the bigger plan.


MarkD60 said...

You might like the book, "Mutant Message Down Under" it's a true story about a woman who walked across the Austrailian Continent with the Aboriginies.


InterstellarLass said...

What a good feeling that must have been for you. I'm glad to hear that Lester is perkin' along. I hope your buddy is giving you lots of love.

michaelm said...

Just remember that someday when you need it most and angel will "magically appear" for you...


NittanyBri said...

As long as Mr. K has the strength to whack Jasmine, my second, unprofessional opinion is that he is fine. :)