Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Will Remember You

I read recently on a blog that many people cannot even remember what year the September 11 attacks actually occurred. Is that possible?? This thing that effected the entire world and changed the way we go about our daily life has been so easily forgotten? Thousands of families all over the world lost loved ones and friends, and the average person cannot remember the year?

If you ask, I'll say anyone over the age of 40 what year John Lennon was shot, or what year Kennedy was shot, I would be willing to bet they'd know the answer. So why then, has this devestating act of terrorism been so quickly forgotten? Are we as a society just so eager to move on with our lives because it's just too difficult to deal with pain and suffering so it's easier just to forget it exists?

I have said for a long time that our society so quickly and easily disposes of things we no longer want or have a need for. We throw out food, clothing, household items, sometimes our pets, spouses and even children for something that pleases us more, makes us happy, fits in with our lives.

Several days ago I decided to sign on to the 2,996 tribute to the 9/11 victims via Smoke and Mirrors. Because I can think of an even greater tragedy than 9/11. And that is to let the victims of that day simply fade away. It's easy to move on and move forward. It's the remembering that is difficult. And we should always remember so these peoples lives didn't end in vain.

I looked into the face of the victim to which I was assigned for this project. Brian Fredric Goldberg. He was 26 years old and worked in the World Trade Center. 26 years old, I had been living on my own for just one year. My father had just passed away. I had been dating, for about a year, what I consider my first "adult" relationship. When I look back at that time in my life, I knew nothing. I can only imagine Brian was somewhat the same.

Click on his name. See his face, read a letter from his mother about how precious her son was to her. And always remember, if we continue to talk about these victims and remember September 11, 2001, their memory will live on.


InterstellarLass said...

A very nice tribute Carn. Mine is posted as well.

Writer Chick said...

You done Brian proud, Carn. And you're so right - people don't want to remember, don't want to face what evil happened that day. But we will remember. Thanks for this.

michaelm said...

You are so correct, to forget would be a greater tragedy.
I clicked on Brian's name but I think the site is overwhelmed. Wouldn't open. I will check it in a day or two.
Nice words for a guy that died too soon.


Barry S. said...

Great post, carnealian. In this fast paced world, we all too often fail to stop and remember.


Jim said...

what a great site, thanks for providing the link and info