Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Big Mac Attack

I'm willing to bet that the majority of you remember the song, go ahead, sing it with me....

"Two all beef patties,

special sauce,

lettuce, cheese,

pickles, onions,

on a sesame seed bun."

Ah, the Big Mac. I remember them well, I miss them. I haven't eaten meat in 20 or so, so it has been quite some time since I have had a Big Mac. It is one of the three meat items that I miss. I sometimes get a hankerin' for bacon cooked extra dark, pepperoni, and a McDonald's hamburger. The kind with mustard, ketchup, pickles and the little onions. Mmmm, do I miss them!!

We've been watching a lot of the Food Network and they've been doing lots of shows on grilling and of course what are they grilling? Hamburgers. So NittanyBri and I get to talking about the Big Mac. And, since he has experience in the fast food arts, specifically from McDonald's we get it in our head we need to make some Big Mac's. Tonight that's just what we did. Oh-my-gawd! Yum! I know, you're all thinking, she broke down, she gone to the dark side, but I have not. I made mine with a veggie burger and I didn't make it double sized (like I should have.) We even had the fries to go with it. Mmmmm!!!!!


InterstellarLass said...

You know, you think you're missing out on a Big Mac. But you've never had a Whataburger. What-a-burger. Holeee crap. It's the best. And put bacon and jalapenos on one and it's bliss. They also have great taquitos. And BOB's. Breakfast on a bun. A burger bun with sausage, cheese, and egg. Damn. Now I'm hungry.

michaelm said...

I haven't had a Big Mac in years.
Too many calories but even more guilt.
As Jim Gaffigan says, "I'm a vegetarian. Not a strict one though, I still eat beef...and pork...and chicken. But I don't eat fish 'cause that's just disgusting."
Glad you enjoyed your 'Biggie'

MarkD60 said...

I remember when a Big Mac costed 55 cents. And McDonalds was a walk up place, no inside dining with big red and gold arches.

Bone said...

I remember the entire McDonald's commercial better...

Big Mac, filet o' fish, quarter pounder, french fries. Icy Coke, thick shakes, sundaes, and apple pies.

Their Cokes are like crack in a cup. I don't know what they put in them. Perhaps NittanyBri could provide some insight. Or is that classified?