Monday, May 14, 2007

The Graduate

What a great day Saturday was!! The weather was beautiful, but got a little hot just in time for the graduates to sit in the sun for hours. This graduating class was the biggest in the schools history with over 400 graduating on Saturday.

The morning started with the Baccalaureate service in the chapel with lots of music and worship with a former LVC grad that has now become the leader of the first Hispanic diocese in Lancaster, PA. After a bit of breakfast, it was time for the graduates to make our way to the gym so we could line up for the next round of ceremony.

The graduates led the procession to the field where the ceremony was held. We were lead along the pathway by two bagpipers. We stopped part of the way there and split into two lines to allow the faculty to process between us so we could show our appreciation to them by applause.

There were several awards given away to exceptional students and faculty, there was the standard commencement address by a faculty member who was a math professor. One that I never had, though he was very funny and I was wishing I had had him for a class. But when I asked the classmate closest to me if he was that funny in class he said "NO!"

Once everyone had received their diplomas we made our way back off the field this time the professors parted into two lines and allowed us to make our way between them while they applauded for us.

The ceremony lasted a couple of hours and I had guests coming over by 3:00 so we needed to get home and get the festivities going. By 4:00 there was a packed house with friends and family coming from near and far to celebrate with me.

The sensible folks left as they probably saw things spiraling downward as the night drew on. All I will admit to is what I found the next morning when I went outside to clean up. There was an array of shoes and clothing, sunglasses, including just the lenses to my sunglasses, the frames are no where to be found, various items of food, and cigarette butts strewn about. Luckily, there were no bodies still in the backyard the next morning. Thank you to everyone that made Saturday a wonderful celebration!!!


Bone said...

Congratulations, Carnealian!!!

I'm so excited and happy for you and proud of you.

And it's always a good feeling to wake up and see that everyone somehow made their way home, or at least off your property :)

MarkD60 said...

I still have 5 lessons to go!

InterstellarLass said...

Congrats graduate! I'm so proud of you for all your hard work and the dedication it took to complete your degree. Hopefully this will lead you to many happy paths in the future!

Dang, I wish I could have been there for that party!

michaelm said...

Congrats & {{{{hugs}}} Carn.
The sensible folks left as they probably saw things spiraling downward as the night drew on.
There's a surprise, huh? ;)


coyotemike said...

Congrats, Carney. Sorry I'm late with this, but you know how I am :P

Time for the month long party!