Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Weekend Update

OK, I'm back...I've been back just didn't really have much to blog about. Well, the beach trip was nice, the weather was a little chilly which didn't stop us from sitting out on the beach goosebumps and all. Sunday was particularly nice and we got a little more toasty than we probably should have. The water, well that was downright freezing but I stuck my feet in, I can't resist. Because of the colder water temps we did get to see a lot of dolphins passing by. That's always a treat for me!

The primary reason for going to the beach this weekend was that there was many of our friends that were making the journey to the Outer Banks. The first night stop over was in Ocean City, Maryland for a birthday party, party party gathering. The folks travelling on to OBX had to turn in early but the rest of us stayed out till closing time, then had the nerve to go to breakfast! That meant we didn't have to get out of bed early the next morning to go to breakfast!

I started my new classes this week. I know, you thought I graduated. I have 7 more credits to go. I am taking two classes at a local community college so the 7 credits will be earned by the end of June. Official graduation is August. I guess that means I will have to have another party!


NittanyBri said...

Good grief! Does that mean the party we just had was only a warm up?

InterstellarLass said...

Oooh! So if I win the lottery between now and August, I can go to graduation party #2!

MarkD60 said...

I'm glad you were at the beach. I remember the foot-numbing water of Virgina Beach. And I used to go to Hatteras every weekend! (It was much warmer)

Jim said...

so our invitations all got lost in the mail??????