Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's A Small World

I have asked for permission to blog about this but the "certain someone" never got back to me, so I'm blogging anyway.

So, I have been working the last couple of months at a local sandwich shop. This is not your everyday sandwich shop, it is THE sandwich shop in Harrisburg. We make the best subs around. The shop is not big on ambiance, but our Reubens are the best this side of NYC. I don't care what marbled rye afficionados say... There are two locations. The one I work at is conveniently located off of Interstate 81. So, if you happen to be driving north or south on I-81, stop in!!! At least before July 28. I'm not going to be at the sandwich shop after that date. So, hurry while you still can!!

Often times especially in the spring we get many snowbirds returning to New York or all points north from their winter in Florida.

The other day I thought we had some folks that were doing just that. The man was ordering his sandwich and he had a U.S. atlas on the counter. I asked "are you going somewhere fun?" To which he responded "Upstate New York." "So, you've already been somewhere fun then and now you are returning home?" "We're returning from The Caymans." "Oh, were you on vacation?" "No, we live there." "Wow! I know someone that lives there too, he works on a radio station. His name is Mark." "I know who he is, my daughter works for the same radio station. She does a morning show there."

After this conversation, I quickly ran home and emailed Mark. Now, I think he may think I'm stalking him. Which I am not. I'm stalking someone else. I only have time to stalk one person at a time.


michaelm said...

but our Reubens are the best this side of NYC

Do you guys do mail order?


Coyote Mike said...

Hmmm. Did you know that Reubens were invented in Nebraska.

I think that means I can call you farm-girl now.

MarkD60 said...

Hey! I replied to your email and was wondering why I hadn't heard back from you after that!

Carnealian said...

Sorry Mark...I think my computer is whacko...I got your email this a.m. Please forgive me!!!

Michael...I don't think we do mail orders...but if I get your way, I'll bring you one!

Mike...I was wondering just last night as I was in an Irish pub, why reubens are such a hot item as Irish fare...and now that I know they're from Nebraska...makes even less sense!!

InterstellarLass said...


I'm sorry, I didn't understand you?




Speak English Dammit!

Oooh! Where are you going after July 28?

Carnealian said...

Lass, I have another job I do in the evenings...I call people to take surveys. So, I'm going to just increase my hours there. Never fear...I think we only call within Pennsylvania.