Monday, July 31, 2006

Just an Update

I can hardly believe today is the last day of July. I don't know where the days go, especially in the summer. Maybe it's because I love the summer that it just flies by.

I will start school in about one month. I think I have all the books I need. I ordered them on line through and saved myself about $100 or more.

I've been doing some reading on African Art over the summer. The independent study I will be doing in the fall will basically be a research paper and I needed to find a subject to write on. So, I chose African Art since I don't know much about it. So, I think I have my subject, just need to narrow it down a bit.

Friday was my last day at the sandwich shop. I'm going to be working full time at what was my evening job which will now be my day job. That's what's so convenient about this job. If I need a day off, I just don't schedule myself for that day. If I don't want to work at night, I sign up for day hours.

I'm considering riding my bike to work from now on. Then I won't have to park a mile away, won't have to pay to park and I will get some exercise. The scary thing is the traffic. I need to give the ride in town a try and see how long it takes. The hours at this job are not the usual 8-5, so I really wouldn't need to worry about rush hour traffic.

The next couple of days are forecast to be really, really hot. The heatwave from the mid-west is moving our way. So, doing anything in the afternoon is just out of the question.

Three days till Buffett!!!


Bone said...

I've ridden my bike to work. Years ago. And a much, much, much, much smaller town. I wish cities were required to be more bike-friendly.

I'm soo jealous you're going to see Buffett.

mattandriver said...

Whasup girl?

Barry S. said...

You should ride your bike to work. If I didn't live 20 miles from work I'd do it!

Have a blast at Jimmy Buffett - have you ever seen him in concert before? It is a lot of fun. Let us know how it goes!

Coyote Mike said...

Just stopping in to say hi, give you a kiss (SMOOCH) and to feel your boobies before running away :D