Thursday, July 13, 2006

Opening Night

During the last couple of weeks at the Susquehanna Art Museum where I'm doing an internship. The museum has been shut down for the deinstallation of the previous exhibit and the installation of the new one.

This is particularly exciting for me since I knew I would actually be working with the person in charge of the installation. And that's what she and I did last week. It was a series of trial and error...."let's move this one here and that one there. Nope, don't like it. I think there's another downstairs, let's get that one. I think there's a stand in the basement, take the cart, let's go get it." And that's how it went for a few hours.

I was particularly thrilled when the person I was working with would ask for my opinion on how something looked. And, I would make my suggestion, and a change would be made. There was one suggestion that I made that she was very pleased with. I think I may have done a cartwheel.

I just love to be inundated with art work. I love figuring out what is asthetically pleasing for display and figuring out how the flow of the entire show will be. So, I guess it's a good thing I chose the major I have chosen. I think it will work well for me. I also learned a great deal following my two mentors around the museum and simply listening to them talk about the arrangement of the art. The major lesson I learned is if/when I'm responsible for setting up an installation, do not fall in love with the arrangement. Nine chances out of ten the person that has the last word will make all sorts of changes anyway. And while that will be frustrating, it will be a learning process as well. Glad I learned that lesson now!!

This exhibit is opening tonight. I hope a lot of people show up. I think the exhibit is a really nice one. I hope to get some pics tonight, but if you'd like a sneak here.

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InterstellarLass said...

How very cool! What a great experience for you! I'm so proud! See! Another exclamation point!