Sunday, July 23, 2006

Jesus Freaks and Music in the Streets

I do like to go see live music, but don't do it very often for some reason. Well, this weekend was the exception.

Lancaster County isn't just about the Amish and Outlets. There is the Chameleon Club that is pretty cool and has some great music. So, me and this guy went down to hear his brother-in-laws band The Butchers at the Lizard Lounge at the Chameleon Club. Imagine ear piercing, hard driving music in a small venue with a really low ceiling. To get the full feeling of the experience, also imagine thick smoke that burns your eyes the minute you walk into the place.

If you click on their web site, you can get a taste of their music. It's similar to raw, unproduced Beatles, or The Who. Kind of the Sixties meet the Ramones. It was loud, it was fast, and it was fun.

And speaking of Lancaster County, congratulations to Lancaster's very own Floyd Landis for winning the Tour de France. That ought to piss off the French pretty well!

Saturday night was off to downtown Harrisburg for free music, yes FREE! There was a stage set up in the square, streets were blocked off and there were food vendors tantalizing us with delicious smells. I invited my nephew to come along to see One Sweet World, a Dave Matthews cover band. The weather was just gorgeous. There was a beautiful breeze keeping everyone cool and happy. I was kind of disappointed with the amount of people that were there. I mean it was FREE!! It was pretty interesting watching folks um, "express" themselves through dance....if that's what you'd like to call it. Oh well, they were having fun.

Besides the free music, there were other things to do there that were free as well. One of those things was the mechanical bull whose name just happened to be Jesus. I know this because it was on his behind. Without much coercion, Patrick and Brian a.k.a. "John Smith" were in line and signing the inevitable waiver and hopping on board...uh Jesus. While neither got all Urban Cowboy, Brian got extra points for form and style. Patrick was just hanging on for dear life.

Sunday was more free music at Lower Allen Community Park. I was asked to show my photography while folks came to again enjoy FREE music in the park! I was pleased to see people showing interest in my photos and hopefully I will get some sales from the contacts.


MarkD60 said...

I used to volunteer for a festival called Harborfest in Norfolk, Virginia. your post reminds me of that.

InterstellarLass said...

I was going to make a really wrong comment about Jesus. Shame on me.

I love free music festivals! They rock!

I'd read that Landis was raised strict Mennonite, but didn't realize he was from Lancaster Co, PA! Lance grew up in Plano you know. He doesn't advertise that though. Pretends to be from Austin because he thinks that's cooler. Just because they have hills...

I want an original Carnealian!

Barry S. said...

I love outdoor concerts - they are a blast. And good for Floyd Landis indeed - the rest of the world cannot beat him, and he needs bilateral hip replacements!

Carnealian said...

You know's true he was raised strict Mennonite. His parents had ridden their bikes to church that morning, were in church when he won and don't have a TV to even watch the coverage on. He certainly took a left turn at Albuquerque. I'll hook you up with an original....see you when you get to NYC??!?

Barry, I don't think I knew that about him. Even more amazing!!!