Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Everywhere are Signs

First, let me just say it's hot as blazes here. We were supposed to break the record set a couple of years ago and reach 100 degrees today. And I have to say, I think we just may have. Whew!!

I have been noticing lately that there have been lots of protesters around. I don't know if they've been imported from somewhere or they're just popping out of the closet to voice their opinions.

I mean, in the past I've seen the protesters at Planned Parenthood, the gay bashers, etc. They are still around. Just last weekend was Pride Fest in Harrisburg and from what I heard, the bashers were at it again. There is also the person that has been most boisterous about Planned Parenthood and abortion. This person has a sign they change almost daily depicting dead babies and all other sorts of sometimes absurd viewpoints.

Last weekend when I went to Harrisburg to the Dave Matthews cover band, there were the Bible bangers proclaiming I should "Repent Sinner" and "Mend my wicked ways."

Today I noticed a few more. They were outside the Dauphin County Courthouse. There were about 5 of them urging those driving by to "Honk if they wanted Peace" and "Peace is Patriotic too" and the one that caught my eye: "Fund healthcare not warfare." Which seems like a darned decent request.

So, I don't know if we're just getting really progressive around here or if people have really just had it with the war and all the other stuff going on in the world. But it seems some folks have something to say.


InterstellarLass said...

HOT. HOT. HOT. I'm soooo ready for the next ice age.

I want to protest stupidity.

SnotSucker said...

Hmmmmm, I think people are fed up. Why aren't these people at work anyway?

michaelm said...

I think it's the heat, Carn.
People are acting very strange in Boston as well.
As far as the protesting thing, it's one reason we live in the US. I don't agree with all the hardliners out there but I'm with you on the healthcare/warfare issue. Does sound brilliant, huh? At least this person had the brains to think about options...