Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's Hip to be Square

I am part of a book club that meets on a monthly basis. We have usually one book to read and we get together at a local establishment to have some food and discuss the book....well, we get together to drink too.

I went to the library to get What Seems Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day. But, the library didn't actually have the book, they only had the book on cassette tape. So, I figured, well, I'd be able to listen to the book on my walk to the office and back. So, I dug out my Sony Walkman...yes, the bright pink one I bought back in the 80's. Plugged my ear buds into it and off I went. Fortunatley, I could keep the Walkman itself in my purse so as not to totally give away my age to every person that passed by and was able to actually recognize what the pink thing was that I had in my hand and attached to my ears.

It wasn't until I got a present from a "special someone" that I truly became part of the hip crowd and realized eventhough I kept the Walkman in my purse the ear buds were in fact not the tell-tale white color of an iPod.

Today I moved into the 21st century. The "special someone" that got me this most wonderful and very shiney gift, downloaded some music onto the iPod and I was able to have the "official" white earphones attached to my shiney new MP3 player on my walk into work this morning. I was so very hip!

The riverfront area is gearing up for the big Kipona festival this weekend. There will be lots of artists, bands and food along the river. However, it seems Ernesto seems to be making his way up here just in time for the weekend. Sunday and Monday are still salvageable according to the weatherman. But, you know how reliable they are.

My first day of classes went well. I have lots of reading to do and a couple of papers will be required along the way as well. Thankfully I think at least two of my classes don't have any quizzes or tests! Whoo hoo!!!

As I sat there in my first class of the day which was Renaissance Art, I knew that that's where I was meant to be. I was thankful for the turn of events that had gotten to this new adventure I have before me.

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InterstellarLass said...

I think the Hot Pink Walkman is way cool! I would not admonish you for using it!

But have fun with your new iPod. :) And study hard!