Friday, August 11, 2006

Fun Stuff

The weekend is starting early in my neighborhood. I was able to leave work about 2 hours early today.

Of course, when I got home I discovered that one of the cats, the one with the stripes, has decided to initiate the couch with pee. Yea, thanks. He hasn't done that in a really long time and I really have no idea what may have provoked it. But, that is how he has gotten the nickname Peebody. Soon, he's going to be called Homeless. Not really, but it's aggravating.

Anyway, the weekend plans thus far seem pretty interesting. Mr. Dorman will make his way to Harrisburg again this weekend. Hopefully we can find some good things to photograph like we did last weekend. Of course, I haven't had the time to put pics out on my Flickr account yet.

This is my nephew's last weekend at home. He leaves for Norwich University next week. He will also be at my house over the weekend. We've got some special plans in the works for that boy this weekend. Some he's sure not to soon forget.

Everyone have a super weekend!!


InterstellarLass said...

Have a great weekend!

Patty said...

Back at ya