Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Update

Were did the weekend go?? I cannot believe it's Monday morning already.

Friday was a mixed bag. Jasmine had to have some surgery and while I knew she'd be fine, it's scary anyway. Of course the surgery also requires that she now wear an Elizabethan collar. They've gotten rid of the hard plastic collars and now they're some kind of soft material that makes her look like one of these. Which I'm thinking would be a good Halloween costume for her! I also went to a friends house for a surprise birthday party for another friend. The hilarious part was that the friend we had the party for had no idea the party was for her. Actually, even after the gifts and the cake and all, I still don't think she really got the idea the party was for her. Oh well!

Saturday was yet another party. This time a Luau. I got to be the guest bartender which was pretty fun. I was only responsible for making the margaritas and the whiskey (it's a wonder there was any left), tequila, rum and vodka. Didn't have to make anything fancy. Everyone at the party was dressed tropically, the food was tropical, and the evening's weather was kind of tropical and then rainy. The karaoke didn't come out till late in the evening which resulted in "someone" who shall remain nameless telling me that I must obey him because he had the microphone and the remote control for the karaoke. I got to hear some quite unique renditions of songs including Bad Mama Jama and Jive Talking.

Sunday, well, that was just a lazy day. Till the late afternoon when we got the idea to go for a bike ride along the river. There was a wonderful breeze which worked against us on the way up the river, but helped us on the way back. The sunset was just gorgeous and there was a group of boaters that were docked along an island. There must have been some kind of party going on on that island. I think there was even a band!

And one last thing that's been bugging me. Could this situation get any weirder???

Have a good Monday everyone!


michaelm said...

Looks like he eats children for breakfast. Ewwww....


lilfeathers2000 said...

Every time I think thats the creepiest or wierdest. Something new comes along.

InterstellarLass said...

That guy is totally creepy. While I know that he's a child molester, I'm not sure I believe he killed her. Yet.

Sounds like a super fun weekend! Especially that bike ride!