Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Down on the Knees of My Heart

Is it just me or do a lot of bad things happen all at once? Of late, I've been informed of a "friend" who took their long time pet to the animal shelter because she was attacking other dogs. I've never been in this situation, but I hope that I would have found another option besides condemning my pet to euthanization.

I've also heard of other folks breaking up with their significant others and family members passing away. I've also discovered of late, that I've been pretty selfish and self-absorbed potentially resulting in the loss of a very dear friend that has been hurt by my actions.

Today, on the way to work I see a very frail, elderly man being taken away in the ambulance, no doubt because of heat related health issues.

Then, at work today I found out about a coworker that was killed in a car accident. She was 22 years old. I don't think I ever spoke to her, but she was a recent graduate (Suma Cum Laude) from a local college, was engaged to be married next year, and was active with local women's shelters. Here is her obituary.

Sometimes the world just seems so overwhelmingly cruel and tragic. I hope everyone that reads this goes home and gives their loved ones a hug and tells them how much they are loved.


SnotSucker said...

Always seems to happen in groups. I myself just lost a coworker to cancer Tues nite. Hopefully things will get better from here.

InterstellarLass said...

*HUG* You are loved! I know what you mean. To everything a season.

NittanyBri said...

Pffft. You are not selfish, you may be the most un-selfish person I ever met. Hang in there, things will work out! :)