Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Feel Like a French Fry

Remember those Solarcaine commercials years ago where the little kid is bright red and kind of holding his arms out so they don't touch his skin while he says "I feel like a French Fry"? Yea, the two of us have a bit of sunburn.

We only really got to the beach for one full day. I'm pretty militant about using sunscreen because I used to bake in the sun as a kid and had plenty of bad sunburns to last a lifetime. I only used like a 2 or a 4 SPF on my chest...have you ever had sunburn in your cleavage?? Not fun.

Now Brian on the other hand...just doesn't listen. He's been a hurtin pup for the last couple of days. But I think he's feeling a little better. Now the peeling should set in!

The weather at the beach was good for the most part. When we first got there it was overcast and raining. And, do I mean raining! We decided for a walk on the beach. Not a good idea at that point because a torrential rain came through. We were soaked.

The weather was clear the rest of the weekend. We even spent one day at Assateague Island National Seashore. We had the bikes packed and could get around the island pretty easily. Out of my many years of going to Maryland shores for vacation and my love for horses, I had never been to Assateague before. I think my father knew better than to take me to a place where horses are roaming free. The resulting pleading would have been; "I want one! We can keep him in the back yard? I swear I'll take care of him! The neighbors won't mind!"

There are many childrens stories about the ponies of Assateague and Chincoteague Islands. I'm sure I read them all as a little girls. This is the island where the horses are wild. I've never seen a wild horse before. It's kind of odd to see a horse standing in the middle of a field with no fencing. However, when we first got to the island there were three "moochers" in the parking lot. They've obviously realized that humans bring food. You are not supposed to pet or feed the animals, but you know how that goes.

This is a national park and therefore is a seashore devoid of t-shirt shops, hotels, amusement parks, gift shops and restaurants. You can pull your camper up to the park or pitch a tent and camp that way too. I would even consider camping, in a tent, here.

Apparently there is much wildlife to be found on the island including foxes, racoons and deer. We saw a doe on our way back to the car.

Since it was very hot, we packed up our wares and went back in to Ocean City, MD. We needed a drink!


SnotSucker said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful! Ouch!Feel better soon.

InterstellarLass said...

Sunburn sucks. I have had burns on my cleavage. Such that wearing a bra brought tears to my eyes.

I think I've heard about that island. Do they occasionally round up some horses and sell them to keep down the population?

Bone said...

My sister used to beg for a horse every year for Christmas. We lived in town. With a small backyard and no fence around it.

And I've never had cleavage. I would imagine a mansierre would be quite painful on a sunburn though.

The most painful place to me is always right around the waist. I guess my shorts slide down an inch or two... well, this is already way TMI.