Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bad Boys Get Spanked

The Who/Pretenders show was fabulous! Roger and Pete still rock. And it's darned endearing to watch the 60 + year old men in the audience pretend they are Pete Townsend by playing air guitar. Silly boys, all the girls are in love with Roger Daltrey. Who, by the way, is still a hottie!!

Chrissy Hynde still rocks and she'll kick your butt if you need it. Oh yea, she tried to steal my boyfriend too. Read the story here.


michaelm said...

It warms my heart to hear about bands like the Who...still doing it after all these years.
Chrissy Hynde? Oh, yeah. I've loved her forever. She can kick my sorry ass any old time she wants. ;)


InterstellarLass said...

Hell, I might let Chrissie Hynde kick my ass too. She's awesome!

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