Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Don't Get Sent to Iraq!

I never really concerned myself with politics. Though, my mother was a Republican Committee person and because of that I have been registered as a Republican my entire life. Because of the recent job I have, I am heavily involved in the upcoming elections on November 7 and have become acutely aware of other people's opinions on the war in Iraq, the job W. is doing and the state of affairs here in Pennsylvania.

Last July of 2005 proved to be a huge turning point for the state legistlature of PA. In the middle of the night, they decided to give themselves a huge payraise. Some of them were going to get like a 50% increase in their pay. It seemed like a good idea in the middle of the night, but when the constituents got wind of this, no one was smiling. Many people claim they will vote out every individual that voted for the payraise last year. There were some of the state legislators that paid the money back, some refused to pay it back, some donated it to charity, which is still the same as stealing, it's just a passive-aggressive way of doing it.

In the election taking place next week, we will be voting for a governor as well. The Republican candidate is none other than Lynn Swann from the bygone days of when the Pittsburgh Steelers were really, really good. But, I don't see Ed Rendell going anywhere, because as past mayor of Philadelphia, he has much of their vote.

The race that has me concerned is that of the United States Senate. We have former governor's son Bob Casey Jr. on the Democratic side and Rick Santorum on the Republican side. Rick scares me. He's just a little too far to the right for me. And the two of them are just ridiculous with their mudslinging advertisements. Their debates however, have been extrememly entertaining. According to a poll recently taken by Susquehanna Polling and Research, Rick is on the downslide...whew!!

I have been known from time to time to really stick my foot in my mouth. Thank goodness I'm not a politician. I hope to never say anything as stupid as Mr. Kerry did on Monday. Did the Republican's pay Kerry to say such a ridiculous thing so Bush's ratings would go up?

I happen to know two soldiers that have fought in some aspect for this war in Iraq and I think they are both about the smartest people I know!

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