Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Feeding Frenzy

Over the weekend, we indulged ourselves in one of my more favorite events in the area. It was the Taste of Central Pennsylvania which benefits the Central PA Foodbank. This one day event gathers restaurants, various cooking schools, wineries and brewing companies from the area to one location where they prepare a dish and the public gets to taste it.

Needless to say we left stuffed and somewhat tipsy. My favorites were the chilled strawberry soup, brownie cheesecake, langostine bisque and Loco for coconut cake, mini crab cakes, and dish from A Passage to India. It was vegeterian, had saffron rice served with it. It was to die for!!! Another veg dish was from 2nd Street Kabob which was hummus, falafel, tabbouleh salad, and pita. This is a very new restaurant in Harrisburg and is conveniently located next door to Hookas on Second. Just in case you're in the market for one. I had so many different wines, I can't remember them all. We both had some tasty beers from Lancaster Brewing Company. We tried a Milk Stoudt, dark and creamy and a Strawberry Wheat. I love fruity beer!

Now that I'm looking over the bill of fare from this event, I see we missed a few tables with some very delicious sounding food. However, I don't think we could have fit anymore food into our bellies.

Not only did we get the general tasting, we were also entitled to a private tasting, meaning we just got first dibs on the grub. But, prior to that, we had a private wine tasting with various fruits and cheeses. They served Coppola wines including my favorite Sofia. If you've never tried this sparking wine, you absolutely MUST! They also served a Coppola red and a Fetzer Chardonnay, another favorite of mine.

There are usually news crews around during this event, but I apparently missed them this time. When I got to class on Monday morning, my professor said, "I saw you on TV this morning." (insert perplexed look here) "You were at the Taste on Sunday weren't you?" Oh geez. He assured me I didn't have any food hanging out of my mouth or anything. Next time I'll have to remember to wear a disguise!


Coyote Mike said...

I've been to a similar event, but we leaned more towards beer, BBQ, and cake.


InterstellarLass said...

Mmmm. Sounds goood. And I'm hungry. Dangit! I love "Tast of" events. Almost all the cities around here have them at various times through the year.

Bone said...

That reminds me of the time on Seinfeld when George got on TV while eating ice cream during a tennis tournament.

He had it all over his face. And his girlfriend broke up with him over it.

Have I mentioned I'm a big Seinfeld fan?

michaelm said...

The 2nd Street Kabob sounds wonderful. I'll leave you my fruity beer though.
If you like that sort of thing, try Harpoon Winter Warmer. It's apple/cinnamon infused into the beer.
I tried it once and didn't swallow.
(that's a first)


MarkD60 said...

We just had "Taste of Cayman" an annual event.

Strawberry Soup?