Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm Free!

Well, free for a little while anyway. Yesterday was my last day of classes until next Monday. I am working on summarizing the Sociology experiement you all helped me with. The basis of this experiement was based on General Social Survey's results from survey's performed in 1985 and again in 2004. Their results showed that the number of confidents a person has has decreased over the years, but that people are more willing to discuss important matter with a spouse or "kin" rather than "non-kin" such as a friend or coworker.

Each of my classmates surveyed five people just like I surveyed you. We compiled the results and found that in both my individual findings and the findings of the class that the people we surveyed had a bigger non-kin network that they confided in. So, our results do not match that of the GSS. I think this may be in part that most of these kids probably interviewed other college students who are away from home and rely on roomates or other classmates to confide in since parents aren't readily available.

I have a few other projects to work on over the semester break so I don't have to cram it all in at the end of the fast approaching semester end!

So, to start my first day off I decided to tear apart the bedroom. I wanted to take out the carpet under the bed which I did. I think carpeting is just another method of collecting dirt and dust. And holy cow was there a lot of dirt and dust under the carpet! I think I found a few old boyfriends in there! Now, I just have to put it all back together again. Then, it'll be on to homework.

I'm pretty much stuck at home all day, my car is in the shop today. Which of course will result in a really ugly repair bill. It's only money, I can make more, right???


MarkD60 said...

You know how to make money?!? Print me up a bunch too next time you make some!
Congrats on your temporary freedom.

Bone said...

Old boyfriends under the bed? I think I saw you on A&E the other night :)

I normally confide in non-kin.