Saturday, January 27, 2007

Almost Famous

Upon some urging from Mr. Dorman who sent me a link to Beyond Second, a community photographic web site located in Harrisburg, I submitted some of my photographs. They're some of the same photos from the Flickr box here on my sidebar.

The criteria for this web site is that all the photographs have to have been taken within the city limits or if outside the city limits, must have at least a view of the city.

There are some very interesting views from the city of Harrisburg, some very talented eyes here in the city. My favorite image is Interim by Frank Borges. This was taken along the river where alot of dogs are walked. Not sure if he set up this image or just happened to be there at the "decisive moment."

Hope you enjoy taking a look at these pics. Thanks Dean for tell me about this site!!


Bone said...

That's a beautiful skyline.

Coyote Mike said...

damn thing ate my comment.

Anyway, what I really meant to say is . . . when are you gonna hurry up and get famous for your photos? What's the holdup?


InterstellarLass said...

Very cool. You're famous to me. :)