Monday, January 29, 2007

Breakin' the Law

This weekend offered up a brush with the law for me and The Bri Guy. Things started off innocently enough on Saturday with the usual trip to the vet with my Lester for his fluids, then to the dog groomer to get Jasmine all spiffed up and then to the Broad Street Market in Harrisburg for a look around. This urban farmers market brings with it an unusal contrast. There you will see the "urban" dwellers on one side of the counter being served often times by either Amish or Mennonite farmers. There are a few stands that serve Greek, German or Indian food. I had a vegetable dish from Curry in a Hurry. Brian had a Gyro (pronounced Yee-ro, just in case you were unaware.) I also couldn't resist a slice of peanut butter pie that had about an inch of whipped cream on the top. I shared some of the whipped cream with the kitties. They love that stuff!

On the way home from the market, I asked if Bri had ever been to the State Library since we were going past it. No, he hadn't so, we made a quick detour. Upon entering the library you can either make a left or a right. So, we went left first into the room that holds legal documents and books. We were immediately asked if we needed help. Geesh, no just looking!

Because the library, which is a really great old building, is attached to The Forum, an equally impressive art deco styled building, I thought I could show Brian the inside of that. So, we passed through the double doors to the stair well that took us over to the auditorium. Unfortunately, the doors to the auditorium were locked so we couldn't take a look inside. Back we went to the library where we crossed by the doors to the outside and passed a couple of people, namely a security guard on the way to the other side of the library. We get into the giant reading room when from behind us we hear (Cue the 007 music) "Excuse me!" We turn around and there is the rental cop, or library security or whatever he was with his rental uniform on WITH I might add a bullet proof vest underneath. You never know when one of those quiet, studious nerd types that spend the day at the library might freak out and start shooting everyone. He asked if we had been through the "double doors." And we're thinking well, we went through many double doors, which are you referring to, but kept our thoughts to ourselves and just said "yes."

Rental: "Why would you do that?"
Us: "Because I wanted to show him The Forum. And there were no signs indicating we couldn't go over there, nor were the doors locked."
Rental: "Who do you work for?"
Us: ( I can't even remember what we responded here because it was yet another ambiguous, unrelated question.)

So, after he sufficiently reprimanded us for our obvious illegal behavior, he let us off easy and went on his way to ensure library-goers could read in safety. This guy needs to change his name to Johnny on the Spot too. Not only had about 5 minutes lapsed since we walked through the dreaded double doors, but on our way to the other reading room, we walked right by him!!

Our drive home consisted of us coming up with the most obnoxious answers we could have...or should have given him. And we laughed our butts off!!

So, in a mere 24 hour time period, we could have very well ended up on America's Most Wanted without ever even committing a single crime. (Cue Judas Priest...)

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Bone said...

That's hilarious, Carnealian. Those rent-a-cops seem to take their jobs very seriously. Wonder if they send him out to collect overdue book fees.