Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Like Wine for Chocolate

When the semester ended a few weeks before Christmas it seemed as if there was an eternity before the next semester started. Now that I've been writing in my work schedule for the next two weeks, my semester break is almost over!

I've ordered my books for my next classes. I will have kind of an odd schedule because I will have a very early morning class, then my next class doesn't start till after 3:00 p.m. I guess that time between classes will be beneficial when I have tests and papers to write. I can also go to the gym on campus during that time. Of course the lure of driving home and going back to bed is pretty strong.

Along with all the celebrating of the holidays which has made my semester break fly by, the birthday celebrations just keep on coming. Over the past weekend I had a visit from my friends from Philadelphia. You would think Phila is on the other side of the planet, but it is only 2 hours away and I never seem to get down that way. Thankfully, my friends make it up here frequently. And, since Paul had a recent trip to Geneva, I was given quite a lovely birthday gift! Paul is the one that works at CERN, the particle physics laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland which you've read about here before. In an a well executed attempt to woo his then girlfriend, he purchased a bag of champagne truffles. She of course turned me on to them, and Paul was kind enough to bring some home on his most recent trip for my birthday. He also brought a lovely red, Swiss wine. You know I've been into the chocolate, because who can resist?!? They're too stinkin good!! The wine, I will save for..something. Hopefully I'll have some chocolate left to eat with the wine, they'll probably be very yummy together.

Thanks Vera and Paul!!!


InterstellarLass said...

Mmmm. Chocolate and red wine. Two of my favorite things!

MarkD60 said...

It sounds wonderful. We had chocolate and strawberries New Years eve!

Coyote Mike said...

If I ever get published, you are invited to my wine and nummy-foods party. You will drink.

My schedule is no less screwy than yours. I teach M-W from 2:30-3:45 and Wed night from 6:30-9:20ish. Tis flucked up.