Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Famous Last Words

Because of this cold that wants to happen but I refuse to let it, I wasn't feeling much in the party mood come Sunday night. I wanted to get going to the various parties we were invited to, stay a short time and be home by 10:00. I even turned down dinner with my family because 7:00 was too late for dinner because I wanted to be home by 10:00.

However Nittanybri decided to take apart the doorknob which resulted in a trip to Home Depot. While he was working on that, my neighbor called and asked us to join her in some delicious Asti. Soon, she was at my door, and we were off an running.

Then, I got a test from Mattandriver. He and his wife were coming to town for dinner, we should meet up. They were about 5 minutes from my hous so we were happy to meet them at Cantone's. Several drinks later they were on their way back home and we were off to destination number 2.

This destination was a friends house, just a casual get together, yummy food, drinks, etc. Stayed there a couple of hours then off to destination number 3. Another friend that was nicely toasted by the time we got there.

By midnight, as she was fixing us her specialty drink of Kaluha, Baileys, Godiva and Egg Nog, we had to remind her to take the lids off the bottles before trying to pour. That seemed to work out better. We had lots of fun sending pics and messages to Mattandriver and Dorman and dancing round the kitchen to our favorite songs including lots of Jimmy Buffett which just made us all want to fly south for the winter. By the time it was time to go because she was asleep on the couch, it was 2:00 a.m. So much for getting home by 10:00.

Hope you all had a fun and safe new year celebration!


NittanyBri said...

Maybe it would work better to just say you want to stay out til 3am?

mattandriver said...

I'm for that