Thursday, July 05, 2007


I was sort of watching a show on the History Channel last night. What really got my attention during the show was the conclusive evidence pointing toward the end of the world as we know it to be in the 2012. WHAT?!?

The conclusive evidence starts with a web bot that was originally used to predict stock changes. Now their using the program to pic out repeated information on the internet to predict the future. They have purportedly predicted the events of 9/11, the tsunami in Indonesia in December 2004 as well as hurricane Katrina. This is just modern day predictions, this program went on to talk about the sixteenth century woman that predicted women dressing like men and cutting off all their hair:
Prior to the sixteenth century, evidence points to the Hopi tribe of Indians as well as the Aztec calendars both of which can predict, quite accurately, the seasons, natural catastrophes as well as lunar eclipses. Both of these calendars end in the year 2012. YIKES!!


InterstellarLass said...

I'm convinced that they just got tired.

Aztec 1: So, how is the calendar coming?
Aztec 2: Eh, it was fun for a while, but I've decided to take a break from it after I get done with 2012.

Either that, or Aztec 2 had really bad gambling debts and the Aztec mob rubbed him out.

Bone said...

Yeah, they were probably like, "We'll never be around then. Let someone else do the next three thousand years."

NittanyBri said...

The world may be coming to an end, but at least your new profile pic is HOT!!!

iN2TheROSES said...

scary stuff...