Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Road

I just finished reading a fantastic book. The Road by Cormac McCarthy. It is a postapocalypitic story of a father and son as they journey around a burned out country formally known as Ameridca.

The story paints an extremely grim story of survival with no hope of return to the world they once knew in their search for food and shelter while trying to remain safe from the "other" survivors. Though this story may sound outlandish, couldn't help but to think, it could happen. And I wonder should I find myself trying to survive with none of the modern conveniences or natural resources like fresh water, would I be able to survive?

The story definitely has a deeper meaning beyond that of survival, struggle and loss. This book is definitely worth checking out!

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InterstellarLass said...

Stephen King's "The Stand" was similarly apocryphal. Add in the devil, and trying to find food and water isn't as scary. ;) It does make you wonder though. Someday soon I'm going to do a wilderness survival class. Hopefully I'll make it. :)