Sunday, August 05, 2007

Did She Really Say That?

Friday evening we went to Columbia (PA) not South America, to do some work on Brian's place. After an evening of profuse sweating, because it was hot you naughty people, we decided to go to a local sub shop for food.

Brian assured me these were some of the best subs around and based on the smell that was coming out of the place, and the number of cars in the parking lot, it was going to be a reall good sub! We went to the take out part of the restaurant where they had coolers of beer, fourty's, Bud, Coors, the usual. It kind of reminded me of the sub shop I worked in last year.

We were several people back in line to order which gave me some time to decided what I wanted since Brian already knew he was getting a steak sandwich since they made some of the best. Finally, I had decided what I wanted and we anxiously awaited someone to take our order which went something like this:

Cute girl behind the counter (CGBC): "Can I help someone?"
Me: "A tuna sub"
CGBC: "What about it?"
Me: (with an incredibly annoyed tone to my voice) "Can I have one? No tomatoes."
CBGC: Reluctantly getting the tuna out and putting it on the sub roll, not asking what I want on the sub.
Me: "Can I have provolone cheese?"
CBGC: "Mayo?"
Me: "Yes"
CBGC: "Tomatoes?"
Me: (eye rolling) "No."

You couldn't believe the relief I felt when the sub was finally wrapped up and in the bag. That was exhausting. She looked normal enough, and she also appeared to be young enough that she probably hadn't done that much damage to her brain with drugs and alcohol. I guess she got that way naturally.


InterstellarLass said...

Customer service these days is just in the toilet. I've resolved to start providing feedback to businesses where I don't like their customer service. Snotty girl at Lowes a few weeks ago got some feedback. It felt good.

coyotemike said...

You should have kept contradicting your order every time she asked, just to see what you would have gotten. Then asked to see the manager and complained that you couldn't get what you asked for, got the brat fired, and gotten a free sub :)

I think I just became evil. I can feel the horns growing.